Tips On How To Import A Car Properly

Buying a car can be a wonderful task individuals can do since they can check out numerous car models and brands. However, there are cases when individuals want a car that can be hard to find. Because of this, they end up importing a car. In order to properly accomplish this project, it is essential to know how to improve a car properly. And, below are some tips you can consider.

Go online

When importing a car overseas, the first thing that individuals can do is to go online. Of course, there are numerous services individuals can find online. And, individuals can find companies that can help you import cars easily. However, it is important to talk to company representatives properly to ensure that the task of importing a car can be accomplished properly.

Know about import rules in your country

It is also important for individuals to know about import rules and regulations in their country. As of now, countries have different rules and regulation in importing cars. So, it is best to know these rules to help you create a plan in importing cars properly. Not to mention, it is imperative to follow all rules to avoid legal lawsuits that can affect your finances as well as your project.

Check transportation options

After dealing with importing rules in your country, it is now time to check transportation options. Individuals can opt for different transportation options. But, individuals need to consider risks involved which can damage the car. Because of this, it is ideal to get an insurance. Getting insurance for your cars will allow you to make sure that any damages caused by transportation can be covered by the company. As a result, you are rest assured that logistics companies can safely deliver your cars.

Evaluate transportation costs

With regard to logistics, it is also integral to evaluate transportation costs. As mentioned above, individuals can opt for numerous options. However, these options come in different rates. Therefore, you need to step back and evaluate your budget to help you get rid of other expenses throughout the process.

Work with importers

Finally, in case that you are still having difficulties in importing the car you want, individuals can also work with importers. Importers are experts in transporting cars in different countries. These experts are also knowledgeable about rules in almost any country which can make your project a lot easier.

8 Best Driving Tips For The Summer

The rise in the temperature during the summer season can create many problems on the road, while you are driving. It can affect both, the driver and the car. In order to keep your car in perfect running condition during summers, make sure you take it out to the mechanic for regular checkups. The tips given below will also help you to avoid some serious breakdowns during summers.

Check The Tyres-
Do check the air pressure of the tires and make sure there are no cracks or cuts, uneven surface and bald patches. Heat causes the rubber to get damaged which in results in punctures. Always re check the spare tire in the back boot of your car before heading out in order to avoid problems on your way.

Note Fluid Levels-
Counter check the coolant level regularly and top up whenever needed. If you want to avoid your car engine from overheating, check if the coolant fan is in proper working order, if not, the temperature of the engine will rise and affects the working of the car. It’s also recommended to check the brake oil, engine oil and power steering fluid before going for a long journey.

Take a Break-
After hitting the road, do not push yourself to drive more, if you feel like too exhausted or drowsy, take a break. Long drives can make you exhausted sometimes, especially in summers. Turn up that radio and try to focus on the road. But it’s wise to stop on your way after every two hours’ drive.

Turn on the Air conditioner-
Switch that air conditioning system in your car. It will help you to ease up and will make the temperature in the car better. Currently, all cars have an air conditioning system already installed, but few older models don’t have one. It consumes a lot of fuel so do not keep it on for too long either. Do you’re your car out at the mechanics of the service of the air conditioning system regularly, if you want to keep the system efficient and effective.

Try to Park the Car in Shade-
In summers it’s advisable to park your vehicle in the shade, this way you will be able to protect your car from the direct exposure of sun. Try finding a shady spot, and use windscreen shades to help lower the temperature. When you return to your car, open all doors and let the temperature in the car cool down. This will make the car interior cool so that the air conditioner will also work properly.

Use Sunglasses-
The problem faced my almost everyone in the summers during driving, is the glare of the sun. If you want to avoid it, try using sun glasses or shades. Keep a pair of shades in the car and put them on while driving. If you want to improve the vision, cleaning the windscreen of your car would also help. Replacing the worn or damaged wipers on the car screen will also help in clearing the vision.

Drink a lot of Water-
Your body is more important than the vehicle you are driving. During the journey keep a cool water bottle with you in the car. This will keep you hydrated and fresh. And will save you from the scorching heat.

Wear Gloves-
Due to the rise in temperature and direct exposure to the sunlight, chances are the interior of your car will be extra hot. It’s better to wear gloves while holding that steering, which might damage your skin. Do not forget to apply a sunscreen crème or lotion before going out in hot summer days.

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Driving Data Analytics in the Automotive Industry

It’s interesting to see that the amount of companies using data is increasing. It’s also pretty cool to see some of the new and innovative ways that companies are doing so, especially with data analytics playing a big role in achieving new levels of success.

The automotive industry has been trying their hands at using data and they’re doing it well. The amount of data that can be gathered from cars is quite ridiculous, especially when you take into account that a lot of data is simply stored in the key which is then plugged in at the garage to view it.

Cars have been kitted inside and out with data. Yes, I bet that’s not one you’ve heard about as it’s not quite cream leather interiors or mud resistant trims. Data is so much better. It’s behind vehicle safety and quality and contributes to the driving experience.

Did you know, the average hybrid vehicle generates up to 25 gigabytes of data in just one hour? Car manufacturers and garages have been capturing telematics for many years however it’s becoming much more sophisticated. Using analytics and data has enabled technology to alert drivers of any hazards on the road, or if the conditions are particularly dangerous. Anti-locking systems, traction control and so much more have been created with the help of data.

IBM reported that Volvo, through using predictive analytics, repair instructions and identifying replacement parts before a vehicle arrives for a service has benefit from a reduction in diagnostic times by up to 70% and repair times of over 20%.

Furthermore, with recent years having cars being recalled, some companies like BMW are using data analytics to record errors reported by customers to identify any potential weakness in new models that could cause problems and then eliminating them before they even go into production. Now if this isn’t major cost savings, increased efficiency and keeping a good reputation then I don’t know what is.

Connected vehicles are becoming more popular. Services and experience can be constantly updated once the car has left the factory. They can have important updates and interactions without having to return and this has proven extremely useful through the connecting capability. Ford, for example have focused on more “consumer-based, more real-time interaction, real-time services, real-time experiences, contextualized experiences” rather than the storage capabilities of the cloud.

It’s not just information about faults that manufacturers use data for. Financial predictions means cars are priced according to the market and behind the prices are more realistic pricing plans and financial support. It goes without saying that car companies will use their contact data for marketing purposes and targeting their communications to ensure their messages stay relevant. They’ve proved that data can go far beyond the use of marketing and with the likes of BMW and Volvo showing that data is having a rather positive impact on business, it will be interesting to see where and how the market takes its usage of data.

Get More Output From Your Car By Its ECU Remapping

Maybe you are an expert driver, but do you know that despite of having same looks and appearance the cars developed by car manufacturers for different markets are not same. You might say that yes, as there are various countries across the world where cars with left hand steering driving wheel are manufactured. But apart from this, there are various factors which are considered while manufacturing the same cars by manufacturers for different countries. Isn’t this surprising, but this is true.

Today going through the vast technical developments across the country, cars of today’s generation have also become smarter than ever. The days have gone back, when for rectifying any issue in every part of the car, every activity was conducted manually. But, today going through the excessive use of computers in our day to day activities, rectifying any issue in car with the help of specific software is not an exception to it.

Let’s talk about engine, you will agree that as heart in human body circulates the blood throughout within the body, similarly the performance of your car is determined by its engine. Therefore, to enjoy smooth performance of your car it is imperative for you to take proper care of your car’s engine and get it properly remapped time to time.

Today, tuning of the engine is accomplished with the help of computers and going through the results revealed by the analyses revealed by the software, performance of the car can be enhanced. This performance is judged with help of different sensors that are mounted at different places in your car including air flow, position of crank, fuel consumption, ignition etc.

The functionality of all these items is monitored through sensors and their results are forwarded to engine control unit of your car. Going through the results revealed by these sensors, the software determines the remapping program of your car’s engine and doing that helps in enjoying the full potential of your car to its full extent.

One more reason due to which ECU remapping of car is considered as an important step is due to manufacturing restrictions that are imposed by the governments of different countries for driving the cars of different manufacturers in their region. Having the ECU remapping helps in breaking these restrictions, but without compromising the overall life of engine. Here, one thing which needs to be mentioned and keep strongly in concern is that ECU remapping of all cars is not same and therefore it should be done depending upon the mechanism of that car.

Undoubtedly, the ECU remapping is a computer based program in today’s scenario, but should get done by an expert having vast knowledge about the remapping of car’s engine. Because remapping the engine without proper knowledge of car will push you towards useless problems for which you will have to invest extra money from your wallet. Days have gone back when remapping was performed by removing the existing chip with software from the engine. The advent of new technique facilitates you to just plug-in the chip and follow the instructions for overwriting the existing engine parameters.

Is ECU remapping beneficial for my car? As referred above all car manufacturers adopt different standards for manufacturing their cars for different markets, depending upon the climate, fuel quality or emission standards in different countries. Having ECU remapping of car offers you an opportunity to enjoy the maximum benefit of your car which you might have not been enjoyed going through the restrictions prevailing in your country.

We Look at the Many Hi-Tech Mileage Correction Companies Operating in the UK

Car clocking is back on the rise but an EU regulation will help curb the growing numbers as a legal loophole will be closed from May 2018 to stop mileage adjusters operating lawfully.

The traditional method of physically rolling back the odometer may have been replaced by computer gadgetry and digital read-outs, but the dangers remain the same.

Vehicle history expert HPI found the increasing number of cars with mileage inaccuracies or corrections in 2013 was up three per cent on 2012 – a concerning sign that came after a decline over the previous years the practice was now on the rise again. It estimates, and this is only an estimate, that around 1.7 million cars on the road in the UK have false mileage.

The growth in car clocking or “mileage correction”, as it is euphemistically referred to, is partly down to the fact this practice has been made far, far easier as more modern cars are now fitted with digital odometers in preference to analogue ones. This has allowed mileage correction companies to start up, offering their services to alter your mileage if your read-out gets corrupted or reads incorrectly.

So is car mileage correction legal?

Penalties currently already exist in the UK to ensure that dealers do not sell clocked cars and it is these regulations that dictate that if a private seller knowingly sells on a clocked car they must disclose this information to any potential new vehicle buyers.

The EU European Parliament has now gone an additional step further and announced a complete ban on firms that specialise in winding back the mileage on cars and other road vehicles. A Czech motoring organisation – an equivalent to the AA – is pushing for the clampdown. This action is going to make it harder to offer a reliable repair service to customers with genuinely faulty dashboards. We at think this is unfair to the average motorist who is unfortunate enough to experience a dashboard failure by forcing them to have to pay main dealer prices when the cheaper alternative is a genuine mileage correction company.

EU Transport Commissioner Violeta Pinstruddle said: “The directive explicitly stipulates that if the odometer is and has found to have been manipulated with the aim of reducing or misrepresenting the distance record of a vehicle the Member State shall ensure that appropriate penalties are in place. Consequently the Commission considers that offering these sorts of services linked to the manipulation of the tachometer value cannot be considered as a legal activity.”

Car clocking: under investigation!

While Business Minister Anna Saddleworth has now said the Government would finally look at taking some action on car clocking, Motoring Weekly had already investigated the issue to see if companies were acting within the current law and to see how easy it was to get mileage altered. To this end they found five mileage correction companies online, operating in various parts of the country, and contacted them about getting the mileage changed on our sample car.

On the surface their responses actually varied. Some told us they would need documentation to support the actual mileage value requested before they could alter the mileage on our car; others said they’d take our word for it. We will only get involved with genuine mileage corrections where the customer supplies both the existing clocks and the proposed replacement clocks so that the initial mileage can be verified. This is not foolproof but help to filter out those bent on abusing the service. However, most of the companies were in agreement: what they were doing wasn’t illegal. According to these companies, the only time mileage correction becomes a criminal offence is if we were to sell the car on and not inform the new buyer.

Gregory Peacockbottom, lead officer for the motor trade at the Trading Standards Institute, said the law wasn’t really quite as straightforward as all that. Under the Consumers Responsible Motoring Act, people can be prosecuted for clocking if it can be proven they are traders and they knew the vehicle that they were proposing to sell was going to be sold for financial gain.

Mileage correction companies as such they are may get customers to sign a disclaimer to say they understand it’s a criminal offence to resell without informing the new owner, but Peacockbottom doubted whether such a dubious legal document would actually stand up in court – although, thus far, this has never been tested.

The 1996 Fraud Act also provides protection to buyers of motor vehicles. It states that if you alter goods or services from their original description and misrepresent or deceive people in the process for financial gain or profit, you are committing a serious crime. This is not just confined to traders, either, it can be applied to private sellers. “There are very few instances where mileage can be altered legally,” said Peacockbottom.

“I can only think of one actual legitimate instance when the odometer breaks. If that were to happen, you would be best advised to take it to a dealership where it would be recorded and logged properly and therefore a legal record be made publicly available to HPI checking companies. Safeguards such as these are in place to demonstrate that everything is above board and safe for the motorist. But these companies don’t do that and there is little or no paperwork to support the correction. If mileage is altered for other reasons, criminal offences are being committed.”

So why might someone clock a car and run the risk of being caught? Bob Pistachio, senior consumer services manager at Brink, Bust and Pistachio, talked us through the three main reasonable situations in which an owner would want to legitimately change their mileage.

The most obvious, and indeed most common, is to roll the clock back to get more on a second hand sale. Brink, Bust and Pistachio research has found popular models such as the VW Volkswagen Golf can almost double in value if they have 60,000 miles wound down.

Pistachio added: “There’s also been a very significant rise in Personal Contract Purchase (PCP) cars, and it is these finance plans that are based on the number of miles you’re going to do. If you’re coming towards the end of an agreement, and you’ve gone over, you might see clocking as a way of avoiding an excess mileage charge.” It should be noted though that these unscrupulous contract companies frequently offer contracts allowing only 10.000 miles per annum and this equates to a paltry 27 miles a day. These contract hire customers suffer at the hands of the unrealistic contracts and the issue of excess mileage causes them great frustration and is a major source of worry.

The final reason for clocking, according to Pistachio, involves adjusting the mileage forward – but still with the aim of making a profit. Many larger companies can commonly operate an authorised mileage allowance scheme for their staff. Employees are paid for using their own car, and some may claim they’ve covered 20,000 miles a year having only done 15,000 miles. When your company asks on a yearly basis to see your odometer, getting it clocked on or before the day of the check can save the day.

But hey! What’s the problem with bending the truth a little? Well Pistachio pointed out the risks. “Everyone thinks that on clocking being an innocent crime, but it’s a serious problem,” he eloquently explained to us. “Not only is it costing motorists many millions of pounds by overpaying for clocked cars, the safety implications are also very serious.

“Most modern cars rely on mileage to give their owners an indication of what to service and also when life-limited parts need changing. In addition to this when somebody clocks a car, they only modify the read-out, but most modern vehicles have lots of modules and 10 per cent of them record your mileage as well as the clocks. When you interfere with one, it creates a conflict between the others. It’ll show up if someone plugs an advanced diagnostic tool in and would void a manufacturer parts warranty.”

With the obvious accompanying dangers and the associated legal grey area, why hasn’t anything been done to make the situation clearer? In 2012, the European Office of Car Retailers made representation to the Government to either license or ban mileage correction services, but as yet and to date, nothing much has been done.

Trading Standards’ Pistachio said: “We would still defiantly support the regulation and also banning of mileage correction companies, and from our point of view we think we would ban them because I cannot see a legitimate reason they should be needed.”

Pistachio agreed: “We really would like mileage correction banned. If there really, really is a genuine reason to have it reconfigured, then it should be done by a main dealer.”

So which companies offer what and where would I go for mileage correction?

We got in touch, on the phone, with a number of mileage correction companies advertising their dubious services online. Understandably they were based in different areas of the country, and had varying responses when we asked what they needed from us before they were prepared to work on our vehicle…

Digi-Dash North West Ltd

This company told us that if we wanted the mileage correcting on our older car, we should need the dash taking out which would be time consuming. If not, it’d cost about £70 for “a quickie” to alter our read-out. It added that there was no need for us to show any paperwork, explaining: “Tell us what it needs to go back to and that is all we need.” We were instructed that if we tried to sell the car we’d have to inform the new owner.

The North West Mileage People

“We’ll take your word for it guv’nor and do what you require,” was the response of this company. “We aim to please and the customer is always right”. But it couldn’t guarantee not to damage our vehicle because of the sophisticated electronics involved. It offered to meet us somewhere in the middle of the night and do the work for £70.

London South East Mileage and Dash Specialists

Without any paperwork, this operator wouldn’t touch our car. “We’d need to see something – like MoTs – to prove the mileage,” it said. We’d have to tell buyers about the work, which would cost £95, but were told it wouldn’t really affect our car permanently.

Midlands Dash and Go

In an ideally world documentation was needed here, but the company added: “We don’t always live in an ideal world so If you don’t have it, we can’t see it.” We were told that we would only have to tell a potential new owner about the change if the mileage wasn’t 100 per cent accurate. A price of £70 was offered.

Dash in a Flash Ltd

Here we found another operator wanting proof. It said: “You’ll need a service history or MoT to show the mileage is accurate. We can’t just change it.” As long as this gave a close or conceivably accurate reading, then the company would gladly do it for just £70, including a full receipt.

How can we to spot a clocked car?

On older cars there were certain tell-tale signs that an odometer had been tampered with, but changes made by computer systems are invisible to the naked eye. So here are some other things to watch out for:
• Check the mileage on old MoT certificates and the service history. This will become easier once the DVLA’s services go digital.
• Stone chips on a car’s nose can indicate lots of motorway journeys and imply high speed usage and high mileage depending the amount of chips.
• Be wary of worn pedal rubbers or the presence of a shiny steering wheel. Look out for seat and seatbelt wear, too. This too can tell a story.
• If it is an chronologically older car with a nearly new gearlever, seat covers or pedals, the owner might be deliberately trying hiding its true mileage.
• Get a history check, which can be part of an HPI check, or just on it’s own. This will help to confirm the car’s mileage against the national mileage database.
• Ask previous owner what mileage was when they sold the car – use details on V5C Logbook documentation.
Do you believe the mileage correction companies acting within the law? We would be interested to hear your opinion and thoughts.

Top Vehicle Brands on Roads, an Intensive Insight

The best vehicles of 2017 means it should be the one that performs very well, excels at the crash tests with respect to safety, and earns owner satisfaction and acts reliably. This is anticipated as per the consumer reports at top vehicle brands on roads.

Among the vehicles in the top spots were the Toyota models and the Chevrolet. The vehicles that have qualified for the ranking of 2017 at the consumer reports test facility include Audi, Porsche, Subaru, Lexus and BMW.

Audi, Porsche, Lexus and BMW are the top performing brands in the annual rankings of Consumer Reports’, but even the lower-priced options are not lagging much behind.

Honda, Mazda, Subaru, Buick and Kia also have made to the top vehicle brands in the roads this year in 2017. Though, Tesla was ranked as the U.S. based brand, it held the number eight position.

The brand rankings present a combination scores from Consumer Reports’ road tests, reliability and satisfaction ratings based on owner surveys. However, safety is a factor. Here the vehicles doing poorly in the crash tests of the government lose points, while are awarded points in extras on having forward collision warning or automatic emergency braking as their standard equipment.

This year, automakers have lost points if their automatic transmission shifter was hard to operate or when the engine is shut, it fails to return to park. The shifter designs are unusual, including the rotary buttons and knobs that are gaining more popularity as it offers in the front seat more space, but may be dangerous.

From all performance crossovers expected soon such as the Alfa Romeo Stelvio to the Volkswagen Atlas that is a family SUV with seven-seat, it also includes a few off-road trucks and sports cars in between, thereby making a robust market of all the new cars heading in lots this year to dealer. For the new concept vehicles, the 2017 Ford Fusion is found to meet the required standards. However, several other top vehicle brands found on the roads include the Chrysler 300, Lexus CT 200h and Mercedes-Benz E-Class, but because of the shifters, they are not much recommended.

Consumer Reports’ rankings are now on close vigilance as buyers are making decisions depending on its picks. The consumer reports now recommended the vehicles that were tested 100 percent and they were BMW, Porsche and Mazda. These vehicles are the few top brands found on the roads.

Consumer Reports recommends vehicle individual models by category. Among small cars, the Chevrolet Cruze was the top pick, while the Kia Optima belongs to the range of midsize car and on the top large car size was the Chevrolet Impala. The Toyota Prius was a performing hybrid and the Mazda MX-5 was the appropriate sports car.

The Toyota Highlander and Subaru Forester are the top midsize and small SUVs. The Audi Q7 is the top vehicle luxury SUV, while the Honda Ridgeline was the best small pickup performing vehicle.

Auto Glass Installation – Do’s and Do Nots

The glass in your auto is made of material that is very damage resistant, which is one of the reasons it is used as a windshield and door windows. If you have to have your auto glass replaced or repaired, there are some things that you should do and should not do.

Things you should do

• Avoid slamming the doors-most cars and other vehicles have an airtight system. If you have just had any of the glass placed be sure that when the windows are rolled up that you avoid slamming the doors. If you do slam the doors, it could create excessive air pressure against the newly installed glass. This can impair the seal of the glass, which could shift the glass from its actual position. It could also cause a leakage from the glass. If either of these two happens, you will have to take your car back to the shop to have the problem fixed. They will generally have to replace the glass

• Change the wipers as needed-these mechanical devices operate against the auto windshield when it rains or snows. Overtime, they become worn out and could cause vexing scratches or damage your windshield. When this happens the windshield glass starts to wear out and may have to be replaced. Check your windshield wipers often and replace them every few months or as soon as they start to look worn.

Things you should not do

• Wash your car-after having new auto glass installed, you need to wait forty-eight hours before you wash your car. This includes washing it by hand and using a car wash. If you do not wait, it can damage the window seal that was glued to the car during the new windshield replacement.

• Driving the car too soon-after having he auto glass replaced you should wait at least sixty minutes or longer before you drive the car. When doing windshield installation, the auto glass service technician uses materials like adhesives and special glass. They need time to settle down with the temperature and humidity of the environment.

• Tape on the auto glass-when the windshield or any auto glass is installed, they usually use a special tape to secure the moldings, especially on the windshield. You should not remove this tape until twenty-four hours later. If it is removed too soon the support the glass needs is lost. The tape usually does not hinder your ability to see out of the windshield so it is safe to drive with the tape on.

Tips Before Select Bike Carriers to Suit Your Requirements OR Needs

It always seem like such a hassle when you are trying to find the perfect bike carrier for your bike. One might think, aren’t they all the same? No! Not all bike carriers are the same. Vehicle-Accessories has quality bike carriers to fit your needs. Bikes can cost a pretty penny so, read on about tips that can help you select a bike carrier that suits your needs and requirements. • Ask yourself, what will be the purpose of your bike carrier? Are you going on a biking trip with friends, taking your kids on a ride with their bikes, or are you going on a solo adventure? Keep in mind that the purpose of using bike carriers is to help you carry your bike around more easily. You will want to decide how many bikes you want to fit on your carrier before it’s too late. •
Choose a bike carrier that you like, not others. People will always want to put their two cents in about everything you do. Some people can’t help it (*parents*) but they want to make sure you choose the right product. But choosing a product that someone has recommended does not mean that it is a perfect fit for you. Stick to your gut feeling and choose the bike carrier you want. •
Do you want the standard carrier or custom made? Vehicle-Accessories offers custom made bike carriers to fit the special design of your car and your needs. Not all cars are made equally and some people will want a different bike carrier designed exclusively for them. • Choose a bike carrier that is easy for you to use. You can choose a roof-mounted carrier, rear-mounted Prorack Ski Rack or a tow bar/hitch mounted carrier for your bike. All of them are great products but if you are a petite person and are constantly installing and removing your bike from the roof, you may be straining yourself and it is not the right fit for you. • Take into consideration your vehicle. More often than not, people will forget that the Rhino Rack Ski Carrier will be mounted on their vehicle. If you have an older car, then you may want to reconsider the heavy duty carriers because they can put added pressure on your car.
The last thing you need is to buy a new car. So the next time you go bike carrier shopping, keep this tip list in the back of you mind. It will make for an easy and stress free shopping trip. If you want the best then you will want to stick with Vehicle-Accessories bike carriers. So strap on your bike to a Vehicle-Accessories bike carrier and head out on an adventure! Our business provides gardening services of all types. Services such as Lawn Mowing, garden care and maintenance and even rubbish removal. We can also offer households and business owners tree pruning services as well as gutter cleaning and plant maintenance. Our other great services include looking after your lawn by providing it with the right food and over time you will have a beautiful green lawn. The main difference with us is that we care for your overall garden and can also supply most products that you may require.

How to Keep Your Car Clean

Today you are going to learn some easy and practical ways to keep your car clean. Nowadays most people are always in a hurry and can hardly find time for their car. But its maintenance is very important. After all, you probably travel with your vehicle every day. It does not feel comfortable to see all the mess inside, does it? Here are a few tips about how to maintain your car in good condition:

Do not eat inside – unfortunately a lot of people have this bad habit. Eating inside is one of the most unpleasant things you can do in your car. You might throw out the wrappers immediately, but that would not help a lot. Just think about all the crumbs and stains that may be left behind. If you want to keep the interior clean and shining, you’d better avoid this action.

Hang a trash bag – even if you do not eat inside, there is always some junk and useless stuff. Hanging a remove bag on the back of your seat would be a very wise solution to this problem. You can use it for papers, water bottles and all the other trash that may be acquired there. At the end of the week, you just take the bag out and throw it away. It is that easy!

Knock your shoes before getting in – of course, you cannot get in your car with completely clean shoes, especially when it rains or snows outside. But you might do a little trick to reduce the dirt. Just sit down on the seat with your legs outside. Then knock your feet together. That should at least free the footwells from some spoils and grime.

Wash your floor mats regularly – even if you follow the last advice, you cannot fully protect the floor mats from getting dirty. But there is an easy way to clean them. First a little vacuuming to take away the big chunks. Then you scrub the mats with soap and water and let them dry. Follow this scheme regularly and you will manage to maintain them neat and clean.

Keep your car in a garage – if your car stays outside all the time, it will need a proper cleaning a lot more frequently. Keeping it in the garage is the best way to protect it from all the dirt that Mother Nature can bring. And if you do not have a garage, just try to find some enclosed space. It will help a lot for the outlook of your vehicle.

These are the recommendations for maintaining a clean and nice-looking car. Try to follow them and you will quickly notice the positive effect. Of course, in case of a real mess or car damage (it happens to everyone), you can always call professional mobile car valeting service. Just think about what will be the best option for your car and take all the necessary measures.